Our Hostels

AHL’s vision is to improve Indigenous Australians’ quality of life through the delivery of accommodation facilities that enable our residents to access the education, employment, health and other services they need.

Each year AHL provides more than 460,000 beds to people living away from home. We provide three meals a day to most of our customers and ensure that they make contact with or are engaged with the services they need.

AHL operates 47 hostels across Australia, offering more than 2,000 beds to Indigenous Australians each night of the year in urban, regional and remote areas.

Our hostels offer safe, secure and affordable accommodation where positive behaviour in a social and learning environment is encouraged.

AHL’s first hostel, Yumba Hostel in Brisbane, was officially opened on 12 January 1974.

After forty years of service, the company maintains its commitment to delivering short term accommodation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who need to be away from their country to access services and economic opportunity.