AHL’s Commitment to its Residents and Staff

AHL’s Commitment to its Residents and Staff
Tue, 03/03/2020

Though AHL is an accommodation provider, the value in the organisation’s service is not the physical facilities but the supportive environment offered to residents whilst they stay with us.

‘Looking after each other’ represents the promise AHL makes to residents to support them. Residents are also asked to take care of the facilities that have been afforded to them, and to be connected to and encouraging of each other.

‘Looking after each other’ is also a promise made to staff, and required from staff. Whether in the national office, managing a hostel in the field or as a cook in the kitchen, all staff will have a respectful environment to work within.

AHL proudly continues to support Australia’s First Peoples by providing culturally safe, fit-for-purpose, affordable accommodation.

AHL Cultural Statement